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Times have been getting hard there for many businesses, and makes it harder , in building industry, in regards to getting a low priced financial software to be able to specialist reporting needed by the  Construction owners.

There are many great Construction software in the market , will do nearly everything required by the business owner. However, for a small to medium sized business , to buy these systems  can be very expensive, and not within their budget.  Small to medium business can look at another option , the software package is Intuits Quick Books Enterprise for small to medium and even large companies.

Intuits Quick Books Enterprise has great feature of Job Costing for Builders and Construction Businesses. It has got features like creating an Estimate or Quotation with each cost centres , putting a mark up by dollars or % and achieving the Contract price, the Quotation format can be customised top look like a letter head  or like a professional quotation.

-          We are able to create a job linking to the customer , can create sub jobs and create variations

-          All these jobs are linked to the  income and cost as we do invoice and record  payments.

-          One great feature is able to Progress claim invoice , by %, by dollars. And be also see what has been  invoiced previously.

-          Great Purchase Order ability to link each item of cost to any job

-          It has got Class or Division category , we can assign to what division or type of business .

-          All labour is able to cost to jobs, ability to use time sheet to enter hours .

In addition to all these , when one wants to look at advance job costing reporting , there is an advanced reporting tool which can be run along side .

This is a great tool for builders and construction  business who needs to see their job costing reports This gives in one display report : job number, job descp, customer, Estimate cost , estimate with markup, total contract price, last invoice to date, Purchase order raised, items left to be used, bills charged, labour cost and many more.

This Job costing tool is must for every builder or construction owners , it  is budgeted priced and can be obtain from our Down load page and video gallery .

Once again , Intuits Quickbooks is one of the best , within the budget software for builders, construction , businesses.

Sunday, 22 April 2012 18:48

Sydney Accountants

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Are you in search of the qualified public accountants in Sydney for your business? If you are, then going with the reliable strides of good Accounting firm is the best option to maintain the same. For the business owners managing  the business either on the large or small scale with good generation of profit requires a lot of efforts and patience.

For this you need to appoint the appropriate and highly skilled accountants and Cosmic Accounting Group Accountants in  Sutherland shire, would be highly desirable choice they  are qualified enough to maintain all the valuable records of the business operations. Cosmic Accounting Group, Accountants in Sydney ,are highly skilled with highly experienced CA, in terms of advising their clients in  every area of Accounting , Taxation the acquisition of funds or generating  sales and ensure to increase the profitability of the business simultaneously with  rise in business owners  assets.

Following the above notion there are several accountant service providers available in Sydney that offers the multifarious accounting services to myriads of business operating in the country. All these service providers come with the best of the best solutions for the various problems arising in various departments of the company keeping in mind the financial status. They tend to implement the basic as well as advanced accounting information system into the business operation with great practicality. Since every business owners requires unique dealing of funds and finances based upon its operation, thus selecting the best accounting services become a tedious task.

Every business owner wants to hire the accountants in Sydney for whom he can build a trustworthy relationship. The accountancy firm that is capable in handling the business confidentialities and valuable matters in the subtle way.  So to get the same, you may rely upon the unique services offered by the Cosmic Accounting Group. The Cosmic Accounting Group is the Sydney based service providers offering full  accounting  and  taxation services  to various business groups in and around the Australian suburbs. An Accountancy group  known for its dedicated and committed staff of accountants in Sutherland shire giving irrevocable  solutions to the small and large business entities in terms of Taxation, Accountancy, Add on programs related to Accounting software package and so on.

The well trained Accountants of the Cosmic Group in Sydney ensure to provide the extensive training and knowledge to its customers for the use of the various Accounting packages such as Intuits Quickbooks, MYOB and Xero which are fully equipped wit h  Online or cloud accounting. All these packages are formulated keeping in mind the various demands and requirement of the business industry and are quite  easy to use and very cost effective to business owners.

The Cosmic Accounting Group gives a whole new experience to the company’s existing financial system through the virtual use of online accountant software solutions. The accounting packages developed by Cosmic Accounting Group are equipped with full-fledged Installation /Training and Development modules for the convenience of the customers. However, if you still face any difficulty in context to these online accounting software, feel free to contact us

Friday, 20 April 2012 07:52

Why Intuits Quickbooks?

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If you are a business owner and have not yet made use of Intuits Quickbooks, then you are definitely missing out on a great opportunity which is bound to save you time, money and efforts.

Intuits Quickbooks accounting is greatly made use of by small to medium sized businesses for handling their business accounts and for bookkeeping as well.

Professional bookkeepers and accountants are also greatly aware of how to use this accounting software for the best interest of the client’s business.

In simple terms, the use of Intuits Quickbooks is mostly attributed to support businesses in their accounting and bookkeeping tasks. The various tasks that are carried out by Intuits Quickbooks usually includes tracking of purchases, each Job Profitability, Customer’s owing, Supplier’s whom you owe, Inventory management and producing Profit & Loss and Balance sheet reports and integrated payroll.

Using Intuits Quickbooks is quite easy and users do not need to have much knowledge of accounting principles while making use of it. Intuits Quickbooks has got very superior Estimate and Job Costing facility combined  with its many reports which can be filtered in many ways.

Cosmic Accounting Group, Sydney Accountants has been involved with Intuits Quickbooks packages for more than 13 years.We are the only accountants in Sydney, who has recently developed an add on reporting programme, which is able to extract job profitability data on real time, and all in one display. For more information on this what we have called as Work In Progress Report please go to our Download page. We have 30 day free trial this programme works with Intuits Quickbooks Premier and Intuits Quicbooks Enterprise version.

Intuits Quickbooks online is also available at a monthly fee for the convenience of the clients and it is usually dependent on the size of the business venture and the number of users within the company who make use of this software. Certain medium-sized companies also purchase the software so that they can easily use it on their own computers. Depending on the version of the Intuits Quickbooks you are purchasing, the price and sophistication will differ.

Cosmic Accounting Group, accountants in Sydney offers Intuits Quickbooks online accounting to clients a free trial period which ranges between 30 to 60 days. Intuits Quickbooks has definitely become the industry standard for most kinds of businesses, bookkeepers and accountants. The creation and generation of reports and files can be easily achieved with Intuits Quickbooks and it carries out the basic payroll functions easily and effectively which is why it is the number one accounting software used by the majority of small-sized businesses.


Thursday, 15 March 2012 21:06

How to be Inspired

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Hello All: My Dear Readers

For all my life, I have always been attracted to read stories on how people have overcome their life’s obstacles , recently I saw this article which is once again has moved me. The article below has been entirely reproduced without any changes

Unfortunately, I cannot trace the original authors details.

It shows that in life any thing be it personal or running a business , if you have right frame of mind combined with right professional advice any thing is possible.

How to inspire — what’s your story and how are others inspired by you?

1/03/2012 12:05:00 PM, Next




Today I’ve heard the inspirational stories of a man born with no arms, the live broadcast of the Burmese heroine on home arrest and genuine, unassuming cyber freedom fighters who helped Egypt depose a President. I’m experiencing inspiration on steroids.

I’m excited as well as exhausted at the YPO Global Leaders Summit 2012 in Singapore — and because in business as well as in our personal lives, we all need a moment away from the hard yards to put the everyday into perspective.

What are the main takeaways from the conference? When we meet inspiring people, we tend to break the rules, almost unlearn what we’ve been taught, look at things from all different angles and be prepared to keep going when others say it cannot be done.

On this theme, the gracious Aung San Suu Kyl was beamed live into our ballroom, from where she, as a Burmese freedom fighter has been under house arrest for almost 15 years since 1989. Her message to us in talking of how she copes with her incarceration — is to live with discipline when you are fighting for a cause (or fighting in business) and (it never hurts to hear it again), life is what you make it. Asked how she copes with the responsibility of her cause, she replied, all I can do is to promise my people I will try to do my best and from someone who has been held against her will for more than half her life, the biggest gift you can give people is honesty.

Then I listened to Alvin Law who was born without arms as a thalidomide baby in Canada. He talked of being discarded; having no prospects of life outside an institution in the 60’s and how he was adopted and taught by his Mother in her 50’s that anything is possible. Sometimes you need other people to test you, push you. He has married, has grown children, plays the drums with his feet and travels the world showing disadvantaged children that a disability is not the end and in fact anything is possible with the right attitude. Sometimes it’s others around you who have the inability to see your vision. He is an inspirational man making me rethink my attitude towards challenges.

So how do you know if you have an inspirational story to tell? Sometimes an inspiring story is the one you forget to tell. Why should you speak to others about your efforts?

Maybe it’s because others can:

• Learn by your mistakes

• Realise that anything is possible

• Make that leap to do what you are doing or something similar

• Fast track to their own success by listening to your account

• Enjoy learning about what you have achieved

I was fascinated at the ability of the unlikely, high pitched 14 year old Felix Finkbeiner, of Plant for the Planet, who at 9 years of age had an idea of planting trees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He told how he’s galvanised school kids in 101 countries from Germany — inspiring the planting of over 4 million trees. It took him a year to convince his parents to support his idea. His message? Together we can create change, whatever age.

Perhaps the man that moved me most was 28 year old Egyptian Waleed Rashed, who is still trying to work out why he should be inspiring and how and why he gets asked to speak about his recent political coup. He helped galvanise the Egyptian revolution and instigated the downfall of President Mubarak’s departure in the April 6 Youth Movement through Facebook as well as harnessing the power of taxi drivers. All in an environment where to spread the word in meetings of more than 5 men at any one time is illegal. While he risked the threat of death and as he lost friends in the fight, what was his message? It’s not how long you live, but what you do with the life you have.

This week I interviewed a new recruit for my office. This girl talked of how she’d followed me for a few years and how her mother was inspired by my journey, starting my own business in a new country. It encouraged her family and community to reach above the path that was expected of them and it was an eye opener that renewed my sense of responsibility and personal awareness.

While we labour each day in our businesses on a micro level, providing employment, servicing customers and paying taxes, what is it that makes us inspirational? What is it that makes people follow us? It doesn’t take a moment to take time out and look at the opportunities awaiting for us.