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Jobcosting for Construction

Reckon Accounts Master Job Cost Report Video (VER. 1/2)

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Cosmic Master Job Costing Application with Reckon Accounts (VER. 2/2)

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Job Costing for Construction and Builders using Reckon Accounts and Cosmic Master Job Cost application

Job Costing using Quick Books plus Add on Cosmic Master Job Report , makes a fantastic reporting tool for Builders and construction business.

Reckon Accounts Enterprise is the top end of the software in the Reckon Accounts line. Its reporting ability together with Cosmic Master Job Report gives a superior reporting for builders and construction and service industries.

Reckon Accounts has got item feature which we tailor to use as cost centres for builders and constructions companies.



Construction and builders normally keep their record of cost centres as shown above, this way we are able to get each cost centres picked line by line .

The builder is able to get Progress claim done to his client and all cost is picked up by using Bills by first raising Purchase Order .

For Builders to do proper Job costing it is essential to raise a Purchase Order to be able to track what they ordering properly




When we get the good delivered on the items raised by Purchase Order, we us enter bills to record to bring these items supplied by the supplier. At this point Purchase Order screen pops up , allowing us to choose the relevant P.O. and match the Quantity and cost into the Reckon Accounts.



Reckon Accounts is also good in handling labour for Job costing for Builders and Construction companies.

It can track same way the items (goods or services )are tracked , we can track by each labour the actual hours spent , what job and also link the item to the employee.



Once the all the entries have been , we can now move towards more advanced job costing reporting

Using Cosmic Master Job Cost application. This tool is a must for Builders and Construction business .

Cosmic Master Job Cost has got a video 1 uploaded in the gallery page and it can be downloaded for a full 3o day trial from Download page. There will be further videos made to show its great features in reporting for Builders and construction job costing.